Make: Quick, Cheap and Easy Christmas Treat – Peppermint Bark

Make: Quick, Cheap and Easy Christmas Treat - Peppermint Bark 1

I’ve seen lots of different sweet gifts made over the years and this year, inspired by Pinterest (are you on there? Come follow my boards!) I thought I’d make some Peppermint Bark. It is a simple, cheap and quick thing to make and would be make a great gift in a cellophane bag tied with a bow.

Christmas Peppermint Bark Ingredients

The ingredients are chocolate (milk and white), peppermint candy canes and salted pretzels.

Melted white chocolate

Melt the chocolate – in separate bowls for the different types of chocolate. You can always mix it up and add even more types of chocolate than just the two I chose.

Broken up candy canes

Smash up the candy canes. You could use a blender to get a consistent texture, or like me you could use a rolling pin!

Broken up pretzel pieces

Break the pretzels into pieces

Layered up Peppermint Bark Layers

Layer up the ingredients. I went for pretzels then chocolate then candy cane, but you can choose the order yourself 🙂 Place in a cool place to set and then break up. I did try popping the tray into the freezer but I found it made the candy cane and pretzels a wee bit soggy.

Peppermint pretzel bark an ideal Holiday and Christmas gift

 Now you can do what you want with it. This very portion of bark was promptly eaten in front of Christmas movies but I shall also be making some as gifts popped into cellophane bags and tied with ribbon. It’s a great gift for teachers, TAs, colleagues and neighbours, or as an addition to a seasonal food hamper. Whatever you choose to do with it, I’m sure you will agree how easy and cost-effective this is.

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