Brighton Pride 2015

Brighton Pride Hare and Hounds pub

I absolutely love living in Brighton. I love how chilled the city is, I love how large a proportion of free thinking and caring people we have here. To some people living outside of our city, we might seem like a bunch of hippies, but our progressive thinking and love for each other is what makes Brighton and Hove such a special place to live.

Brighton Pride is the most famous event in our city, that’s for sure. And I thought what best to show you guys than how I celebrate!

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Brighton Fringe Festival 2015

Looking forward to Brighton Fringe Festival

In my last blog post I featured what I had enjoyed in January 2015 (January 2015 Favourites) and also discussed the fact that I am looking forward to everything that this year may hold for me. One thing I’ve not taken advantage of, even though I’ve lived in the Brighton area for the past decade, is the Brighton Festival, and more importantly the Brighton Fringe Festival.

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