Tea Review – Whittards Pink Lemonade Tea

I used to love going to Whittards in Brighton Churchill Square but sadly it isn’t there any more. I guess that kind of helps with my tea addiction, but I also miss out on getting some of my favourite bits. The last time I was in a Whittards I picked up a couple of items, one of which was the Pink Lemonade instant tea. I thought that I would give you my opinion on it today.

Whittards iced tea -  pink lemonade

Although I don’t really drink much fizzy drink wise, I do like pink lemonade when I’m in the mood for it. I thought I’d enjoy this tea because of this and I do, but I have a couple of things to say about it. To enjoy it at its fullest then it is suggested that you use 3 spoons of the powder – now this is fine but I don’t drink my tea with sugar and this stuff is half sugar, half flavouring so I limit myself to 2 spoonfuls. I would prefer this tea if there was a powder with less sugar, but it’s instant and I limit myself to drinking this at the most once a week.

I love the flavour of this instant tea though and if I ever manage to get to the bottom of the pot then I’ll possibly buy it again as a treat or to enjoy as a nice, summery iced tea.

It’s not currently for sale on their site, so I’m not sure if it will come back, but who knows!

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