What Is Project Life?

what is project life

When I told people that I would be doing Project Life from my 30th birthday, many of my friends (most of which are non-scrapbookers by the way) asked what on earth it was! So I thought I’d give you a bit of a run down today, and share with you some of my favourite Project Life products and ‘artists’ as and when I find them, so that you can be inspired too.

I thought I’d let the lady who started it all explain a little more, Becky Higgins:

I hope that the video helped explain it a little more. Plus, it’s cute.

If not, then it’s simple. Rather than pressurizing yourself and having tons and tons of photos all over the place, waiting to be documented, Project Life allows you to document the small things in life as well as those photos. This allows you to not only do what you’d originally set out to do, but also document the smaller things in life that we treasure but sometimes forget.

I am really looking forward to doing this, and hope that it inspires one or two others to take this up too.

If you don’t believe me how wonderful Project Life can be, take a look at some of my favourite Project Lifers and then attempt to tell me that you’re not inspired!

My favourite Project ‘Lifers’:

There are lots more though, and I hope to share them in time.

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    1. It looks like a lot of fun and even if it wasn't a daily or weekly thing it is a cool way of documenting things rather than a big 12×12 page or fussing with a minibook if you don't have the time or opportunity.

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