Bread Meats Bread Review – Vegan Friendly Glasgow

Bread Meats Bread Vegan Review

When someone who is unaware of what the place serves hears the words Bread Meats Bread, they don’t automatically think vegan friendly eatery. However, this city centre based restaurant is a joy for omnivores and vegans alike!

In anticipation of a trip to Glasgow and Edinburgh, I made a list of all of the places I wanted to visit, and eat at! Bread Meats Bread was one of my priorities, and we made sure to pay it a visit on the first night in the city.

What is Bread Meats Bread?

There are currently 3 branches of Bread Meats Bread – Glasgow Centre, Glasgow West, and Edinburgh. We paid a visit to the Glasgow Centre branch, which you can find on St Vincent Street, just a few minutes walk from Glasgow Central station.

Bread Meats Bread sells themselves as serving fresh, good quality food, made in-house and using the best local ingredients. So you shouldn’t be seeing some of the pre-prepared stuff you’d be used to at many chains. They’re family-run and staff aim to serve you as one of their own; ie they are warm and friendly, but not over-the-top!

Vegan Options at Bread Meats Bread

So let’s have a chat about the vegan options on their menu!

bread meats bread glasgow central menu

The Bread Meats Bread main menu vegan options are as follows:

  • Radical Reuben – their take on a vegan reuben sandwich, complete with vegan pastrami
  • BBQ Pulled Mushroom Burger – bbq pulled mushrooms with peppers, onions, and pickled cabbage with pickled cabbage and tofu miso sauce
  • Beetroot & Baba Burger – beetroot falafel burger with vegan baba ganoush and balsamic dressed salad leaves
  • Vegan Poutine – house chips topped with mushroom gravy and vegan cheese curds
  • Vegan Bacon Cheeze Poutine – as above but with added vegan bacon
  • Chips – skin on fries
  • Vegan Bacon Chips – as above, dusted with cayenne pepper and topped with spicy vegan mayo and vegan bacon
  • Sweet Potato Fries – delicious and self explanatory
  • Caramelised Sweet Potato Fries – as above with maple syrup, coconut, cayenne pepper and chopped chives
  • Maple Vegan Bacon Sweet Potato Fries – as above with vegan bacon
  • Onion Rings – beer battered onion, fried

So, lots to choose from at the City Centre branch! And guess what? The Glasgow West and Edinburgh locations also serve VEGAN CHICKEN. Yep. They make their own seitan in house, and create the following:

  • Vegan Fried Chick’n Burger – vegan buttermilk fried seitan burger with salad, pickles and vegan sriracha mayo
  • Vegan Fried Chick’n Cheeze  – as above topped with vegan cheese
  • Vegan Fried Chick’n Cheeze Bacon Burger – as above with added vegan burger
  • Angry Vegan – vegan buttermilk fried seitan burger dipped in hot buffalo sauce, jalapenos, and smothered in vegan blue cheese mayo
  • Vegan Buffalo Fries – house fries with buffalo sauce and vegan blue cheese mayo, topped with crispy onions

We didn’t manage to pay Bread Meats Bread Glasgow West or Edinburgh a visit to give the above a try, however, we’ll be making sure that it’s on our list for our next trip to the area!

What I ate at Bread Meats Bread Glasgow Central

Anyway, let’s get onto what I ate, and what I thought about it!

I ordered the Vegan Bacon Cheeze Poutine, my non-vegan hubby ordered the Wolf of St Vincent Street burger, and we had a side of onion rings to share.

vegan poutine bread meats bread glasgow

Vegan Poutine Review

As you can see from the picture of my food, the portion was pretty darned large! I usually manage to finish something this size, but we’d been travelling since 6am and had that awful travelling all day lower than usual appetite kinda thing going on. Not fun! Next time we visit, we’ll be making sure we’d not have been travelling all day.

If you don’t know what poutine is, it’s traditionally chips, topped with gravy and cheese curds. This vegan version is chunky chips, topped with mushroom gravy, vegan cheeze curds, and I chose to have the addition of vegan bacon. Now, I’m not sure if any of you know this, but I’m very particular about sauces making things wet. I’m usually TOTALLY against it. I can’t even have beans on toast, the beans can’t touch the toast in case it gets soggy, so I have beans and toast instead. However, I challenged myself with this as it just sounded so delicious. And I was glad that I challenged myself! This was so good. The mushroom gravy was a mixture between the gravy we’re used to in the UK, mixed with the gravy you’d have in the USA if you’d ordered biscuits and gravy – sans the sausage and sausage fat, obv.

I also really enjoyed the vegan bacon. It wasn’t crispy or chewy, but tasted delicious. And of course, animal free! The only doubts I had was with the cheeze curds. For a while they tasted so good, and I enjoyed them. However, as I continued the meal and they cooled, their texture became more like scrambled egg, which I really didn’t enjoy, as I didn’t want to be reminded of eggs. Despite this, the overall dish was blooming lovely, and you know what? I’d totally have it again, despite the eggy-ness of the cheeze curds!

The beer battered onion rings were of course, delicious – I mean, why wouldn’t they be? And of course, since it was my first day of my first time in Scotland, I had to get a glass of draft Irn Bru. Of course it tastes different and better than it does in a can, if you wondered.

bread meats bread st vincent street


The price: we paid just under £50 for 2 to have mains, sides, and drinks. All from our own pocket, by the way.


Overall verdict? A must try. And a must return. I’ve got my heart set on trying their chick’n dishes… get in my belly!


Have you been to Bread Meats Bread before? What did you think of it, and what did you try? If you’ve not been there, what would you like to try?


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  1. Hi, inspired by your blog post I visited Bread Meats Bread on Tuesday whilst in Glasgow for work, and also had the bacon cheese poutine; oh my word! i totally get what you mean about the scrambled egg-ness of the curds, at first I wondered if it was just mostly made from Follow Your Heart VeganEgg but by the time I’d finished the bowl I wasn’t so sure, and was convinced it was actually among the best things I’ve ever eaten! Did you actually find out how they make the curds?

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