Brighton Vegan Pizza Review – Morelli Zorelli

Brighton Vegan Pizza review Morelli Zorelli

One of the things people ask me about when I tell them that I don’t eat dairy, is “don’t you miss cheese?” – and to a lot of people’s disappointment, I tell them that I don’t. I was never really keen on cheese, but I know that a lot of people who stop eating dairy do miss it. With that, and my love of pizza in mind, I thought I’d start a new series reviewing vegan pizza options in Brighton, with my first being Morelli Zorelli.

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American Pizza Party!

July 4th is this week and I was asked to try the new American Legends range from Domino’s this weekend. I could not say no and thought it would be a fun way to mark Independence Day by jazzing up the table for my Saturday evening’s pizza party, as you can see from the picture below:

American Pizza Party! 1
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