TILT-Things I love Thursday

things i love thursday

I thought I’d give you all a pre-weekend cheer up. It’s the end of the month, and I don’t know whether it’s because I work at an agency where we work by the month, but gosh I am tired!

When I get home of an evening, I spend some time browsing around the internet, and inspired by Kaelah and Gala, I thought I’d show you the things I love this week, on a Thursday. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep it as regular a feature as these two ladies do, but I’ll try.

Anyway, on with the show. This Thursday I am mostly loving…

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Happy Birthday Ash Gig!

Happy Birthday Ash Gig! 1

Ash are my favourite band. They have been since I was 12, and that’s like almost 18 years ago now. I’ve been a fan for 17 years now, as I started to like them at the end of Year 7, which was 1995. I saw the Girl From Mars video on MTV whilst at a family friends house. It was a hot and sunny day, and I was having a rest from the early afternoon sun, and stuck the TV on. I was hooked.

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Midweek Mutterings–Starting to craft again…


Midweek Mutterings--Starting to craft again... 2

My life has been in a state of flux for a while now, but I am starting to settle and find my feet again. Unfortunately I don’t currently have my craft materials with me, but I’m starting to make up a basic kit of bits and bobs to keep my papercrafting juices flowing so-to-speak. As I travel a lot at the moment, I thought it best to do something similar to using a SMASH book. I ordered a SMASHpen (pictured above), and some Moleskine Cahiers, and am going to start journalling. I’m not incredibly arty, but I’m hoping to use some craft materials (I may have ordered the July kit from Simon Says Stamp!!), and various ephemera, souvenirs, photos etc to illustrate my life as and when I have the time to. Choosing something like this means I can pop my bits and pieces into my handbag and craft as and when I can.

I do feel inspired, even moreso after the Brighton Bloggers Bash (which the lovely Lauren blogged about!) and meeting such lovely people *waves to new found friends*. Which reminds me, I bought a voucher for an intro to crochet course at the BBB venue (Super+Super HQ) via LivingSocial… I’m not sure if they will realise what they are in for once I get my hands on a hook….!

Sunday Lovin’….10 on 10

Inspired by Shimelle, I have decided to give this a go. I love lists and numbers, so thought it was perfect:

cuttlefish kanzashi brooch

  1. The Brighton Bloggers Bash was yesterday and it was wonderful. It was at Super+Super in Brighton, and I got to meet some hella inspiring and lovely people! I am hoping that we all stay in touch! I won a prize in the raffle, a beautiful Kanzashi brooch (pictured above), by Cuttlefishlove
  2. I met my brand new Niece yesterday evening, she’ll be 2 weeks old tomorrow… and I get to see her again today
  3. I am all about pale greens, pinks and coral right now
  4. #Ash20 is this coming Sunday! A celebration of my favourite band, and of course I had to go VIP!
  5. I have been learning so much in the past few weeks it’s unreal
  6. I am addicted to green garlic risotto!
  7. I cannot wait to get my craft stuff back and get playing. In the meantime, I have ordered a SMASHpen, and am going to do some journalling 🙂
  8. Community is one of my favourite TV shows right now. It is so funny, and it is perfect to watch in the evenings after a long day at work
  9. Models Own Ibiza Mix is my favourite nail polish. Ohmygoodness.
  10. I’m getting back into letter writing. Love it.