Things I love Thursday – National Cupcake Week Special!

As it’s National Cupcake week and I love a good cake, I thought I’d share some of the cupcake-themed likes with you!

Things I love Thursday - National Cupcake Week Special! 1

Fancy smelling like a Snickerdoodle cupcake? I can just imagine how delicious this body scrub by Bungalow Bath and Body* will leave my skin smelling, love making (and eating) Snickerdoodle cupcakes!

Things I love Thursday - National Cupcake Week Special! 2

This beaded cupcake ring* is so cute! It’s by Big Baby Bakery and super pretty.

Things I love Thursday - National Cupcake Week Special! 3

I really like these cupcake toppers,* I love bunnies and the magic theme.

Things I love Thursday - National Cupcake Week Special! 4

Washi tape *and* cupcakes? Yes please!! This cupcake washi tape*is on my ‘must buy’ list for sure.

Other cupcakey things:

  • If you’re looking to print your own cupcake decorations, there’s a fab selection in this Tip Junkie list
  • If you love eating cupcakes, the wonderfully talented Lucy (who I have known a long time!) runs the amazing Heaven is a Cupcake. She won the University of Hertfordshire’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2012 and she deserves this and so much more!

Have you seen any cupcake-themed things that’ve caught your eye recently? Maybe you have made or designed something cupcakey… please share if you have!!


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Sunday Lovin’…. hot, hot hot!!

summer things loving hot weather

The weather is going┬áto be super hot in the UK in the next few days. Those of you from overseas may not find it too bad, but we don’t really have air con here, and aren’t really used to the heat!

Luckily, I live by the sea so it’s nice to paddle in the waves by the beach as a means of cooling down. But sometimes that just isn’t enough! Today it wasn’t super hot here, but everyone still wanted to cool down!

Here are a few things I’m loving inspired by the hot weather this weekend…

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Sunday Lovin’….10 on 10

Inspired by Shimelle, I have decided to give this a go. I love lists and numbers, so thought it was perfect:

cuttlefish kanzashi brooch

  1. The Brighton Bloggers Bash was yesterday and it was wonderful. It was at Super+Super in Brighton, and I got to meet some hella inspiring and lovely people! I am hoping that we all stay in touch! I won a prize in the raffle, a beautiful Kanzashi brooch (pictured above), by Cuttlefishlove
  2. I met my brand new Niece yesterday evening, she’ll be 2 weeks old tomorrow… and I get to see her again today
  3. I am all about pale greens, pinks and coral right now
  4. #Ash20 is this coming Sunday! A celebration of my favourite band, and of course I had to go VIP!
  5. I have been learning so much in the past few weeks it’s unreal
  6. I am addicted to green garlic risotto!
  7. I cannot wait to get my craft stuff back and get playing. In the meantime, I have ordered a SMASHpen, and am going to do some journalling ­čÖé
  8. Community is one of my favourite TV shows right now. It is so funny, and it is perfect to watch in the evenings after a long day at work
  9. Models Own Ibiza Mix is my favourite nail polish. Ohmygoodness.
  10. I’m getting back into letter writing. Love it.