Make: Polaroid Inspired Crafts

Inspired by Kirsty’s ‘Pretty Polaroid Project’ I thought that I’d have a go myself. I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut a number of Polaroid shaped frames out and used my paper scraps and embellishments to create these two pieces:

Mini scrapbook pieces cut with silhouette cameo

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Valentines Crafts – Part 1

As mentioned on Sunday, I thought I’d share with you some of the fun and simple crafts that could be done for Valentines Day or just about any other time where you would use cute, funny, pretty and love themed crafts!

Here are a few of my favourites so far:

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Treacle Toffee for Bonfire Night

treacle toffee recipe

It’s Guy Fakes/Bonfire Night over here in the UK on November 5th and to help you get ready for the occasion, the lovely people at The Gobstopper have written a guest post for me, complete with a recipe for treacle toffee, yum!

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Halloween Themed Crafts

halloween themed crafts

I love Halloween even though I don’t usually ‘celebrate’ it in the expected way with dressing up, parties and more. Instead I like to wait until the holiday is over and the Halloween decor is reduced! I have always had a love for skulls and all things spooky and don’t like limiting myself to having it for a short time at a certain point in the year!

However, I realise that a lot of people are not as into having spooky things up and around all year round but still enjoy making and creating things to decorate their homes and serve at Halloween parties and I have found some awesome things around the internet for you to make and enjoy!

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