Make/Bake: Oreo Treats!

I first saw these on Pinterest and thought I’d give them a go. I was super glad to have done so. I used to make these for my computer club when I was a teacher, although now I just enjoy them at home! They were originally from this blog, but I altered the recipe slightly, removing the butter as I found it didn’t make much difference in my opinion. Plus mine don’t look as stylish or well-shot! Haha.

Anyway, here’s how I make mine:

Make/Bake: Oreo Treats! 1

Make/Bake: Oreo Treats! 2

Make/Bake: Oreo Treats! 3

Make/Bake: Oreo Treats! 4

Make/Bake: Oreo Treats! 5 

Make/Bake: Oreo Treats! 6 

Make/Bake: Oreo Treats! 7

I hope that my instructions are clear and that they help you to make your own Oreo Treats! Enjoy them with a glass of milk or a chocolate soy shake.

Make: When We Made Sushi

veggie sushi made at home

We decided to try and make our own sushi! After going to Wing Yip in Croydon to pick up all of our bits and pieces needed (plus some other stuff – some of which I’ll be featuring on this blog soon) we came back here exhausted so we didn’t make the sushi that day. However, the following day we made it, and it tasted so good!

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Make: A Scrapbook Page – Much Love for Pinkberry

froyo love scrapbook layout

There’s no limit to themes people use for their scrapbooking layouts – it’s all about documenting those key memories of your life so that you can share your memories, visually, with others.

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