Sunday lovin’… Things I loved in ….March

March favourites at Tea, Cake and Make

Hi everyone!

I thought that I would do this as an item – I’d love to keep it up on a monthly basis, but I thought I’d try and do a recap of things I loved in March. This doesn’t just cover crafty bits , baking or tea, but I think it will probably include some anyway!

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Papermill Day and Handmade Paper

James Cropper Mill

I have been a very lucky lady! I was chosen by the wonderful people from Papermill Direct to join them on a Mill Day for bloggers. There were 4 of us in total: myself, Laura, Kim and Bev, as well as Hilary who runs Craft Blog UK. You should really check out their blogs as they are all so fab and all so different!

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Tea Review: Tesco Finest Chocolate Tea

tesco finest chocolate tea


When in Tesco the other day I spotted this gem, and thought I’d give it a try. I’d tried chocolate tea before, and I love hot chocolate so thought I’d give this a go. Those of you who know me personally will know that I am a complete and utter chocaholic so it was a must-try.

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Clipper Dandelion and Burdock Tea

clipper dandelion burdock tea

Now I love Dandelion and Burdock. I love the fizz, I’ve tried the sweeties, I’ve had the alcoholic drink and I’ve had the squash.  For some the taste of this retro drink is not something to their taste – I’ve known those who have said that it tastes medicinal. I love it though! When I saw the tea I knew I had to try it. Clipper make an organic dandelion and burdock tea, and if I remember rightly I picked this up in Sainsburys.

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Tea Review: Twinings Peach and Cherry Blossom Green Tea

I have some great friends, and one of the couples I know recently gave me a blog-themed gift of this tea, some cake, and crafting paper!

Tea Review: Twinings Peach and Cherry Blossom Green Tea 1

source: Ocado

I’ve not really had much success with liking green tea, but this stuff is very different. It is delicious! I love how subtle the peach flavour is, but how it masquerades the bitterness I usually encounter with regular green tea (even the one with lemon). The cherry blossom flavour is delicate and pleasing. I’m not sure where my friends got it from, but I know you can buy it from the Twinings website.

Have you tried any other flavours of green tea? I think I might go and find out others that I can try out!