Sunday, 20 April 2014

The Week That Was: Captured! 13th -19th April 2014

I thought that I would share with you what I've been up to this past week, through Hannah from Make, Do and Push's awesome link up! I've taken part in this before - I will add links to previous posts at the end of this post! You can follow me on Instagram also, if you wish!

  • 13th April 2014

A rare photo of me, unscathed after my sister's hen night! A bunch of cocktails were consumed, as were shots and many other bits! This was just before we went out for lunch to celebrate my Nan's birthday.

I also took a photo of the blossom on the avenue off of which my parent's road leads, I always used to love scooping up the 'pink snow' when the blossom used to fall.

  • 14th April 2014
I didn't actually take any photos today - or at least uploaded any to my Instagram! I just went to work and then to zumba!

  • 15th April 2014
I went to see my friends premier in a TV show! They are in a show on BBC 2 called The Big Allotment Challenge - so if you watch it, make sure that you are on team Gary and Pete!

We watched the show in a local pub:

And here they are enjoying a pint:

Go #teambeard! They also write a fab blog, called Vegetablism.

  • 16th April 2014
It was sunny, so Sarah and I went to Grubbs and ate it on the beach with Tess!

  • 17th April 2014
Sarah had jetted off on holiday so wasn't at work. It was still super sunny, so Tess and I headed to the beach with my Starbucks!

I love working so close to the beach!

  • 18th April 2014
Good Friday! This little scamp broke in. I named him Tito - long story!

After that, we headed to Bexhill via the new Hove Waitrose, oh yeahhhh!

  • 19th April 2014

De la Warr Pavillion, cooking, and ice cream!

I hope that you liked my week, and I look forward to sharing more with you again soon!

Here are the other two weeks that I've done so far - November 2013 - July 2013

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Free Silhouette Shape of the Week - Print and Cut Journalling Cards

Just popping in to share the past week's free Silhouette shape of the week, a gorgeous set of print and cut journalling cards:

They would be great for layering as well as for using for their intended purpose of journalling on! Plus they don't just need to be used on scrapbook pages you could use them in your Filofax, for cardmaking, journalling, to stick on envelopes so that you can reuse them, and many other things! How would you use yours?

Sunday, 16 February 2014

A Belated New Year's Post - Learning to love Yourself

Apologies for not updating since before Christmas - for a while I'd gotten myself into a pattern of self dislike and have been making a concious effort to embark on a journey to loving myself more. It is a difficult ride, but for part of it, I'm promising that I will return to blogging regularly.

For now, I'm going to leave you with this:

Love Yourself bear print etsy
Source: I Love Doodle Etsy Shop.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Shopping Local - Christmas Gifts in Hove

Brighton and Hove gift shop

There's a lovely shop on Portland Road in Hove called Dragonfly Concepts. It's one of those perfect for gifts kind of places that stocks things from a smaller budget soap or bath bomb gift to stylish, pretty jewellery.

I decided to shop local for part of my Christmas gift buying this year and thought that Dragonfly Concepts would be ideal to pick up a few things for my Mum. I'm sure that from the images below you can see why I decided to pick up some things for her from there, their selection of gifts is expansive, given the size of the shop!

gift shop brighton hove

Inside of the shop there are lots of nooks and crannies with all sorts of different kinds of things to buy

orla kiely brighton hove gifts

Orla Kiely cups a-plenty!

Brighton prints

Stunning local photography

dragonfly gift shop brighton hove

Lots of bags, purses and scarves

dragonfly gift shop brighton hove

Jewellery, body care products and some cute ducks

homeware dragonfly gift shop brighton hove

Stylish homeware

dragonfly gift shop brighton hove

Liberty, Cath Kidston and Kirsty Allsopp floral stationery goodness

owl biscuit jars tins

Plus check out these two chaps - adorable owl biscuit jars

I can't share what I picked up Mum as she reads my blog and it hasn't been Christmas yet, but I can show you something I picked up for myself - really couldn't resist this rose gold Estella Bartlett necklace, how pretty?

estella bartlett necklace brighton hove

The Instagram pic doesn't pay it justice but lighting is so rubbish at the moment that it was all I could do at the time!

I shall be showing you the pretty things that I bought my Mum in another blog post, but if you'd like to pay the shop a visit you can do - the ladies who work in there are simply lovely, like I said before the gift selection is great, and it's away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the city in the leafy Poet's Corner part of Hove. It's for sure one of my favourite local retailers and I really would like to thank Barclaycard for letting me treat myself and of course my Mum in this lovely little shop.


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