Meat Free February – Week 2

Like I said in my previous Meat Free Feb post, I didn’t manage to capture everything I ate, but this is what I ate for my dinners in the second week of Meat Free February:

a week of vegetarian meals for meat free february

1) Mushroom risotto

2) Chickpea stew with broccoli and potatoes

3) Suppli and bean stew

4) Vegetable wraps

5) Vegetable enchiladas made with pancakes (as it was pancake day)

6) Butternut squash curry with rice and home made naan

7) Courgette and sweetcorn wraps

The tortillas were home made and I shall be sharing how easy it is to make them in a post later this week.

After looking at all of these meals, I’m wanting to eat them again, that’s for sure!!

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