Meat Free February – Weeks 3 and 4

Like I said in my first Meat Free Feb post, I didn’t manage to document all of my meals as for some of the month I was away in Manchester – I am a Scentsy consultant and our World Tour conference was over a weekend in February. I’m sure that cheese sandwiches and Waitrose sweet potato parcels aren’t as exciting as proper meals so I didn’t document those!

Meat Free February - Weeks 3 and 4 1

1) Falafel wrap with crinkle cut chips (this was a quick meal – something I don’t usually have ie frozen chips!)

2) Grilled Halloumi, bean salad and mixed green salad

3) Vegetable and 3 bean chilli with a pita bread

4) Vegetable sushi and veggie tempura

5) Moroccan spiced vegetables and bulgur wheat salad

6) Mushroom pasta bake (I didn’t manage to eat all of this so packed it up for a leftovers lunch!)

7) Suppli and salad 8) Homemade courgette and mushroom pizza

9) Spaghetti with tomato and mushroom

I hope that you enjoyed seeing my challenge. As I’ve mentioned previously, it has made me think about what I eat a lot more. I am looking to eat meat free dinners at least twice a week from now on and as always, I strive to eat as much ‘from scratch’ as I possibly can!

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