Vegan Pumpkin Spice Muffins Recipe

pumpkin muffin

I absolutely adore squashes, particularly butternut squash and pumpkin. My Pinterest boards are full of golden leaves, squashes and caramel apple delights. It inspired me to make some pumpkin spice muffins – here’s how I made these delicious treats – perfect for on-the-go breakfasts or a weekend snack. Continue reading “Vegan Pumpkin Spice Muffins Recipe”

Cake: Panda Cupcakes

Cake: Panda Cupcakes 1

Last week was National Cupcake Week and I thought that I would make some cupcakes to mark the occasion – well, why not?! So it was debated which animal I should do next, after my pig cupcakes, and it was decided on pandas.

Cake: Panda Cupcakes 2

I used the last of the packet mixes I’d acquired from the USA, a Duncan Hines Red Velvet mix. From now on I shall make my cakes from scratch (unless someone sends me some more USA mixes, haha). I filled the cupcakes with cherry pie filling, and then baked them as per instruction. Once they had cooled I topped them with a buttercream frosting with added Marshmallow Fluff. Then it was time to get creative!

As you can see, I’m not the most skilled decorator, but I gave it my best shot and used the amazing coal dust crystals c/o The Gobstopper  for the fur around the eyes, and the nose, mouth, eyes and ears are all slices of Panda licorice (see what I did there?!).

The cakes tasted delicious and that’s not just me saying that! The buttercream tasted great and the cherry pie filling really complimented the red velvet cake. I’m so glad that I added the sherbert. It tasted so good on the cakes, and alone (with a spoon, hiding…. joking, only just!!). The sherbert is called ‘coal dust’ and I must admit I’d not seen stuff like it before. The lovely people from The Gobstopper sent some to me with a bag of delicious lemon sherbert too. I loved how well-wrapped the sherbert was and luckily for me it also turned up on my birthday, so it was a nice surprise.

Now I’m trying to figure out which animal I’m going to make cupcakes of next…. any ideas?!

PS sign ups for the penpal swap end this Sunday…. get on it right now!!

Things I love Thursday – National Cupcake Week Special!

As it’s National Cupcake week and I love a good cake, I thought I’d share some of the cupcake-themed likes with you!

Things I love Thursday - National Cupcake Week Special! 3

Fancy smelling like a Snickerdoodle cupcake? I can just imagine how delicious this body scrub by Bungalow Bath and Body* will leave my skin smelling, love making (and eating) Snickerdoodle cupcakes!

Things I love Thursday - National Cupcake Week Special! 4

This beaded cupcake ring* is so cute! It’s by Big Baby Bakery and super pretty.

Things I love Thursday - National Cupcake Week Special! 5

I really like these cupcake toppers,* I love bunnies and the magic theme.

Things I love Thursday - National Cupcake Week Special! 6

Washi tape *and* cupcakes? Yes please!! This cupcake washi tape*is on my ‘must buy’ list for sure.

Other cupcakey things:

  • If you’re looking to print your own cupcake decorations, there’s a fab selection in this Tip Junkie list
  • If you love eating cupcakes, the wonderfully talented Lucy (who I have known a long time!) runs the amazing Heaven is a Cupcake. She won the University of Hertfordshire’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2012 and she deserves this and so much more!

Have you seen any cupcake-themed things that’ve caught your eye recently? Maybe you have made or designed something cupcakey… please share if you have!!


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Bake Time – Pig Cupcakes!

Bake Time - Pig Cupcakes! 7

I love a good cupcake, but haven’t had the opportunity to bake for a while. However, just recently I invested in some new baking bits, and thought that it was worth giving them a try out!

I usually don’t like using mixes, but I picked up a couple in the US last year as the baking stuff over there is so different! A strawberry cake mix, and a red velvet one. They were heading towards their use by date, so I thought I’d use the strawberry one first after I bought a bag of Marks and Spencer Percy Pig Rosy Noses and had a brain wave! I know – I’ll make piggy cupcakes!

I’m not the most artistic baker, but my cakes usually turn out pretty tasty. I started coming up with the idea of what else I’d do to it…. what I’d use for the eyes, ears, and filling them with jam. The ingredients were gathered, and I started to assemble my piggy plan…..

Bake Time - Pig Cupcakes! 8
The whole process

They were very delicious and although they haven’t all been eaten yet, it won’t be long until they will! Some might say that these look a bit immature or childish, but I am very proud of them.

Now, which animal shall I do next?!