Cake, Cocktails and Total Greek Yoghurt

I was lucky enough to be invited to the combined 30th anniversary of Total Greek Yoghurt being in the UK and the launch of their new TV ad. Myself and a few other lovely people were treated to a master class with Eric Lanlard where we got to decorate our own cakes and then in the evening sip cocktails and celebrate with the Total team. It was great fun and I learnt some new skills to make my cakes look a bit more presentable – whether or not it shows in the cake that I decorated is down to you!

So, on with the photos, courtesy of the Total Greek team:

A totally Greek venue

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Sunday Lovin’ – UK Mothers Day

As it’s Mothering Sunday (next weekend, March 10th) here in the UK, I thought I’d share some things to help you get something lovely for your own Mum!

UK Mothers Day card ideas

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Bake: Chocolate Ganache Cake

I am known in my office for my cakes and it has become a habit for me to bake when there are birthdays, people leaving etc. Last week I baked a lemon drizzle bundt cake which went down incredibly well and as it is one of the guys in my department’s birthdays today (and a big one at that since he is just short of 6 months younger than me) I thought I’d bake something for him!

BBC Food Chocolate Ganache Cake

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Vegan Pumpkin Spice Muffins Recipe

pumpkin muffin

I absolutely adore squashes, particularly butternut squash and pumpkin. My Pinterest boards are full of golden leaves, squashes and caramel apple delights. It inspired me to make some pumpkin spice muffins – here’s how I made these delicious treats – perfect for on-the-go breakfasts or a weekend snack. Continue reading “Vegan Pumpkin Spice Muffins Recipe”

Bake : National Chocolate Week

I’m a complete and utterly self-confessed chocaholic! This week is National Chocolate Week 2012 and it excites me. Although don’t you just wish there was free chocolate sent to everyone just because of it? Me too.

Anyhow, I thought I’d share with you some of the yummies I’ve been enjoying lately, what I’ve been drooling at and dreaming of, and a recipe for one of the delicious treats I have been snacking on.

First of all, what I’ve been enjoying:


rice krispie brownies

Rice Crispy Brownies…. so delish, seriously, and the recipe for you to make them is further on in this post!


Cadbury’s new Dairy Milk bars: Toffee Popcorn and Golden Biscuit Crunch. I preferred the Golden Biscuit Crunch one, it was so delish. I’m kind of addicted and am ignoring those cravings right now! They are currently on 2 for £3 in Sainsburys right now, which is where I picked them up from.

Cadbury’s Mint Bubbly Bar: Basically the Bubbly bar (similar-ish to an Aero) but with a layer of creamy mint, yum!

Things I am lusting after:


squirrels stash chocolate

Hotel Chocolat’s ‘Squirrels Stash‘ which are pralines filled with crunchy nuts, yum!

montezuma shake and shiver

Montezuma’s Monkey Bar in ‘Shake and Shiver’, a dark chocolate bar with added cocoa nibs and mint.

And for my face, Raw Gaia’s Raw Chocolate face pack. Now I love Lush’s cupcake face mask, and this also sounds as delish… not sure if I could stop myself from attempting to taste it though!

A recipe

Now as mentioned before I said I had a recipe for you, for the Rice Krispie Brownies! The recipe is by Nigella Lawson:

  • 7 tablespoons unsalted butter
  • 5 tablespoons golden syrup (such as Lyle
  • 6 ounces good-quality milk chocolate, chopped (or 3/4 cup chips)
  • 2 ounces good-quality bittersweet chocolate, chopped (or 1/4 cup chips)
  • 5 1/2 cups Rice Krispies
  • 3/4 cup milk chocolate morsels or chips (or use half dark and half white chocolate chips)
  • 1 x 8-inch square cake pan or 1 rectangular aluminum foil pan approximately 13 x 9 x 2 inches

Line your cake pan with aluminum foil or get out one of your trusty foil pans. Put butter, golden syrup, and chopped chocolates (not the morsels) in a heavy-based and fairly wide saucepan and melt over a low heat. Stir to mix the glossy goo, take it off the heat, then quickly pour and stir in the Rice Krispies. Still off the heat, quickly stir in the chocolate morsels, and spoon and scrape the mixture into your pan of choice. I find it easier, once the gunk is in the tin, to smooth the top with hands covered in a pair of disposable vinyl gloves. Put in the refrigerator to set for about 4 hours before cutting.

Make ahead: The brownies can be made up to 2 days ahead. Wrap pan tightly with plastic wrap and store in a cool place. In warm or humid weather, store in the refrigerator. Cut into squares before serving. Keeps for 3-4 days.